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Unique Destination Events

Throw a party with a purpose

Our professionally organized, pre-arranged themed parties showcase Xian’s breathtaking vistas and fascinating culture. They are the easy way to make your event memorable.

To complement each theme, you may also choose menus that are specially tailored to your guests' needs and preferences.

For more information, contact our Events Management team at (86 29) 8835 5828 or email jerry.feng@shangri-la.com.

City Wall Outside Catering

Dining on the Ancient City Wall with more than 600 years of history will definitely create a special experience you’ll never forget.

A Taste of Time Travel Feast

This theme presents the epitome of the award-winning services and cuisine in which Shangri-La Hotel, Xian, takes pride. We provide guests with historical and cultural themes such as the Silk Road or the Terracotta Warriors, which allow every guest to travel back in time.

Shaanxi Folk Culture

For the Folk Culture theme, the function area is transformed into an authentic Shaanxi Folk Culture street. This theme offers scenes that allow guests to experience the charms of the old culture that originated in the province. Calligraphy, paintings, dazzling traditional folk handicrafts, and items that pay tribute to the glorious folk culture are all incorporated.