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Baotou has six districts, two banners and one county. The city's resident population measures just over 2.43 million, and covers an area of 27,691 square kilometres.

Baotou won a UN-Habitat Award in 2002, and is home to more than 30 urban parks and plazas covering 133 hectares.


All international travellers require visas although Brunei, Japan, and Singapore passport holders are able to enjoy visa-free access to China for up to 15 days.

Standard 30-day, single-entry visas can be issued in three to five working days from most Chinese embassies, and must be used within three months of the date of issue. Longer visas are often more difficult to obtain.

For further details, consult with your travel agent, China International Travel Service, China Travel Service, or any Chinese embassy or consulate.

View visa requirements from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China


The Chinese currency is known as renminbi (RMB). Credit cards are accepted in major hotels as well as shopping malls.

Ниже приведены последние курсы обмена для самых распространенных в мире валют.

RMB 1.00 равен:

Курсы валют Валюта
0,21 Австралийский доллар (AUD)
0,13 Евро (EUR)
0,11 Британский фунт стерлингов (GBP)
1,24 Гонконгский доллар (HKD)
10,54 Индийская рупия (INR)
17,25 Японская иена (JPY)
0,22 Новозеландский доллар (NZD)
0,21 Сингапурский доллар (SGD)
0,16 Доллар США (USD)


All hotel services (such as accommodation, food and beverage, spa etc.) and their related service charge will be subject to tax at the prevailing rates.


Many mid-range and top-end restaurants include their own service charge that varies between establishments.

Officially, tipping is considered inappropriate and is discouraged.

Часы работы

Bank Hours
9am - 5.30pm

Office Hours
8.30am - 12noon
1pm - 5.30pm

Shop Hours
Summer: 9am - 8.30pm
Winter: 9am - 7.30pm


Make sure that all your food is well cooked and consume only bottled mineral water.


Lightweight clothing is suitable for the warmer months, but you may want to pack warmer clothing if you are visiting the highland areas.

A shirt and tie is normal office attire and can be worn for both business and social functions.


Located in the south of the Mongolian Plateau with an average altitude of 1,000 metres, Baotou has a semi-arid continental climate. Highest temperatures average 21°C and lowest temperatures average -12°C.


Высокая: °C / °F
Низкая: °C / °F


Высокая: °C / °F
Низкая: °C / °F
Высокая: °C / °F Низкая: °C / °F
Высокая: °C / °F Низкая: °C / °F
Высокая: °C / °F Низкая: °C / °F
Высокая: °C / °F Низкая: °C / °F
Высокая: °C / °F Низкая: °C / °F
Местный климат
Месяц Высокая Низкая
Январь -6ºC -20ºC
Февраль -2ºC -16ºC
Март 6ºC -7ºC
Апрель 15ºC 0ºC
Май 22ºC 6ºC
Июнь 26ºC 12ºC
Июль 27ºC 15ºC
Август 28ºC 13ºC
Сентябрь 20ºC 7ºC
Октябрь 13ºC -1ºC
Ноябрь 3ºC -9ºC
Декабрь -5ºC -17ºC

2.43 million


Часовые пояса
GMT + 8 hours

Система измерений
Metric System

220 volts

Тип штепсельной вилки

Мобильные телефоны
GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900