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Find your way to the lap of luxury

Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu, is located in the heart of a historical township. International travellers usually arrive at the Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport or Jining Qufu Airport, where they can then reach Qufu by train or long-distance bus.

Airport Connections

There are numerous options to reach Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu. Guests can choose between hotel limousine pick-up, taxi, train and bus.

Hotel Limousine

You can arrange for an airport pick-up by providing your flight details and estimated time of arrival when booking online.

Alternatively, you may contact the hotel directly by calling (86 537) 505 8888.

Please make your booking at least one day in advance.

Hotel Limousine Charges

From Jinan Yaoqiang Airport (138 kilometres to Qufu)

Car Type Charges
Benz E300 (5-seater) RMB 2,300

From Jining Qufu Airport (87 kilometres to Qufu)

Car Type Charges
Benz E300 (5-seater) RMB 1,200

Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available in the limousine.
Mini-vans and coaster buses are available upon request.


Taxis are available for hire at both airports.

Bus / Train

Airport shuttle buses are available from both airports. The shuttle bus from Jining Qufu Airport goes to Jining city, where you can take a coach to Qufu from Jining North Long-Distance Bus Station.

From Jinan Yaoqiang Airport, the airport shuttle bus takes you to Jinan Railway and Long-Distance Bus Station, where you can then choose to reach Qufu by bus or train.

Express Train

Qufu is easily accessible by high-speed railway. It takes only 2 hours to travel from Beijing to Qufu and just 3 hours to go from Shanghai to Qufu. It only takes 15 minutes to get to the hotel from Qufu East Station by taxi. 


(86 537) 505 8888


(86 537) 505 5616



3 Chunqiu Road, Qufu, Shandong, 273100, China