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Explore the city at your ease

Qufu is a great city to explore on foot. Otherwise, convenient options such as buses or taxis are also readily available.

For the adventurous, motorized rickshaws can be hailed from the roadside, for approximately RMB 5 - RMB 10 for majority parts of the city centre.

Whether arranging a private car, handling a taxi or making arrangements to visit city attractions, the hotel Concierge will ensure you arrive at your selected destination comfortably and on time.


Public taxi services are easily available downtown.

Fares start from at RMB 5 for the first 2 kilometres and RMB 2 for each additional kilometre.

Public Transit


Buses are a safe, cheap and convenient travelling option in Qufu.

There are 8 bus routes in the city. Routes 1, 2, 5 and 6 run through the downtown area and pass famous historical sites like the Kong Family Mansion, Temple of Confucius and Cemetery of Confucius.


Qufu East Station is 4 kilometres southeast of the city centre. It serves high-speed trains that connects Beijing and Shanghai. There are also regular trains that come and go towards Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Jinan and other major cities.

Qufu Railway Station is another train station in the city. Located on the east side of the city, it supports regular train services to and from Beijing, as well as other cities in Shandong province.

Long-distance bus

Qufu Long-distance Bus Station at the city centre has regular buses that head to other places in Shandong such as Jinan, Yanzhou and Taishan.

Car Hire

Getting around the city in a car with a driver is a safe and comfortable transport option. Rates vary depending on the size and style of the vehicle chosen.

Please contact our hotel Concierge for more details.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 5ºC -6ºC
Feb 8ºC -4ºC
Mar 13ºC 2ºC
Apr 21ºC 8ºC
May 26ºC 14ºC
Jun 31ºC 20ºC
Jul 31ºC 23ºC
Aug 31ºC 22ºC
Sep 27ºC 16ºC
Oct 21ºC 9ºC
Nov 13ºC 2ºC
Dec 7ºC -4ºC