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About 20 kilometres south of Qufu city is Zoucheng, the birthplace of Mencius. Four famous sites commemorate the philosopher - the Temple of Mencius, the Mencius Family Mansion and the Mencius Forest. The tomb of Zhu Tan, the Ming King of Lu, sits at the north of Zoucheng.

City of Lu Kingdom

Lu Kingdom flourished in the Spring and Autumn period of the Zhou Dynasty. The square complex included ten major roads running through the city, while a south-north road served as the axis. In the centre of the city, the palace stands, bordered by formidable walls.

The Mausoleum of Sha Hao

The unique pyramidal tomb is the burial place of Shao Hao, one of the five legendary emperors who ruled China 4,000 years ago.

Dating back to the Song Dynasty, the Mausoleum was made with large blocks of stones, similar to its Egyptian counterparts. On the tomb stands a small temple, while city walls, halls and archways surround the Mausoleum.

Queli Guesthouse Theatre

Classical concerts and dances are staged nightly. They are worth a watch for their authentic Spring, Autumn and Warring States styles.

Qufu Apricot Altar Theatre

A large theatre in Qufu showcases performances of troupes from China and all over the world.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 5ºC -6ºC
Feb 8ºC -4ºC
Mar 13ºC 2ºC
Apr 21ºC 8ºC
May 26ºC 14ºC
Jun 31ºC 20ºC
Jul 31ºC 23ºC
Aug 31ºC 22ºC
Sep 27ºC 16ºC
Oct 21ºC 9ºC
Nov 13ºC 2ºC
Dec 7ºC -4ºC