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Unique attractions for every traveller

In the center of the old town, Shanhaiguan Pass (or the First Pass Under Heaven) is the first pass of great military importance along the Great Wall. Starting north from the Jingbian Tower is the Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum, which contains a detailed history of this world monument.

Xin’ao Marine World
Walking distance from the Hotel, Qinhuangdao Xin’ao Marine World offers visitors a glimpse of marine life through displays in the Submarine Tunnel, Dolphin Performance Hall, Touch Pool, Penguin Hall, Seal Hall, Gigantic Insect Garden, and the Sea Knowledge Exhibition Hall.

Golden Coast Scenic Spot
The Golden Coast covers an area of 376 square kilometers (145 square miles) in Changli County and provides a relaxing and picturesque setting. (The first International Sand-skating Sports Center was built here in the 1980s.)

Located in Changli, Jade Island features natural scenery, swimming, fishing and areas for barbeques and bonfires. In addition, Fish Island boasts different types of fish, team building activities, camping and the sand carve. Furthermore, the International Sand Skiing Sport Center provides sand skiing and other fun games.

Safari Park
Qinhuangdao Safari Park is in the Costal National Forest Park of Beidaihe Scenic Area, between Qinhuangdao and Beidaihe. Covering an area of 334 hectares, it is the second safari park to have been built in China. 

Qinhuangdao Safari Park utilises its forest and green land to provide a paradise for all kinds of wild animals, allowing them to recuperate and build up strength. The park combines human-made and natural characteristics to create an original atmosphere and imitate various animals' native environments. More than 5,000 wild animals from 100 species are well taken care of here. Visitors can drive their own car or take a distinctive forest train tour.