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Qinhuangdao is a famous historical and cultural city in China. It was named after the first emperor of Qin, who sent people to the east to search for immortals. Qinhuangdao is the birthplace of modern tourism in China. With abundant tourism resources and a mild climate, Qinhuangdao is a well-known tourist and leisure resort at home and abroad, and enjoys the reputation of a “paradise city”.

Qinhuangdao is a cultural city full of both the charm of the ancient capital and modern flavour. It is one of the first demonstration areas of the public cultural service system in China. The Shanghainese, Great Wall, tourism and folk cultures have distinctive features. Here, Chinese and Western cultures blend and converge, and urban culture can be found everywhere.

Qinhuangdao has co-hosted the Beijing Asian games and the Beijing Olympic Games. The city won the title of “National Civilized City” in 2017 and “National Forest City” in 2018.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 9ºC -3ºC
Feb 11ºC -4ºC
Mar 22ºC 4ºC
Apr 25ºC 11ºC
May 27ºC 19ºC
Jun 32ºC 20ºC
Jul 34ºC 22ºC
Aug 35ºC 22ºC
Sep 29ºC 20ºC
Oct 24ºC 12ºC
Nov 16ºC -2ºC
Dec 13ºC -4ºC