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Discover a beautiful city

May 4th Square
This iconic square was named to honor the May 4th Movement in 1919. The sculpture "May Wind" lights up in the evening.

Ba Da Guan
Featuring over 200 unique style of villas, flowers bloom in every season and 8 roads are named after the 8 passes of the Great Wall.

Zhanqiao Pier
Built in 1891,this landmark lies at the end of a 440m pier in Qingdao Bay. The Huilan Pavilion is the unmistakable symbol visible on all Qingdao beer products.

Tsingtao Beer Museum
Qingdao Brewery Factory was founded in 1903. Tsingtao Beer Museum is the first professional beer museum in China, a multi-media tourist attraction comprising beer tasting and a brewing display area.

Qingdao Polar Ocean World
A modern polar animal exhibition hall where visitors can enjoy large marine mammal performances and watch rare polar animals in a simulated polar environment.

Laoshan Mountain
Laoshan Mountain is the first peak of the Coastline. Here you find exotic rocks, 2,500 year old trees and Chinese traditional Taoistic culture.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 3ºC -3ºC
Feb 5ºC -2ºC
Mar 9ºC 2ºC
Apr 15ºC 8ºC
May 20ºC 13ºC
Jun 24ºC 18ºC
Jul 27ºC 22ºC
Aug 28ºC 23ºC
Sep 26ºC 19ºC
Oct 20ºC 13ºC
Nov 12ºC 6ºC
Dec 6ºC -1ºC