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Our professionally organized, pre-arranged theme parties are the easy way to create a memorable experience for your event. To complement each theme, you may also choose menus that are specially tailored to your guests' needs and preferences.

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Malay Wayang Kulit Theatre

This theme introduces guests to the 800-year-old tradition of shadow play puppetry by the Wayang Kulit theatre in Indonesia. This Malay cultural show revives the experience of an evening shared under the stars while enjoying a good story.

A traditional Malay feast is served, with genuine food fare served in banana leaves and other earthen ware. Satay and grilled seafood are accompanied by the exciting flavours and spicy dishes of rural Malaysia. Guests will also enjoy traditional musical performance.

Outback Grill

Enjoy the tastes of the Australian Outback with an outdoor barbecue, a selection of classic salads and condiments, cold appetizers and seafood platters. Guests may choose grill items from large pools of ice with various meats and fish. After the meal, enjoy our classic desserts and sliced fresh fruits with ice-cream, iced beers and soft drink coolers, fruit punch and coconut cocktail.

Pasar Malam

This theme creates a bustling street market scene with culinary temptations featuring Penang's famous hawker dishes. A busy setting of small street shops surrounds the local atmosphere of a kopitiam (coffeeshop). Individual cooking stations prepare Malaysian food at its best. The vibrant stalls introduce a range of local batik materials and songket to spices and unique Malay snacks to carry home.

Teh tarik, freshly squeezed juices, chilled beers and wines complement the bold spicy dishes. The aromatic selection of Indian curries and other local specialties allow your guests to experience Penang’s authentic flavours. Take time to stroll around and bargain for your picks.

Sandy Beach & Kites

Organized at the scenic Batu Feringgi beachfront, this theme offers barbecue and Hawaiian music courtesy of a strolling band. Decorated with local kites and pole flags, buffets are preset with bamboo, rattan tables, traditional woven roofs and surf boards.

The theme also features a large ice display with drinks. The bartender is at hand to mix cocktails and non-alcoholic coolers. The BBQ station offers a lá minute cooking of marinated meat and seafood.


This theme presents an Arabian Nights setting with Middle Eastern cuisine, pitched tents, carpets, cushions and low tables.

Guests are served mint tea and a tempting selection of mezze to start off a memorable evening in the gardens. This course is complemented with water pipes and rose water incense. Following which, sweets, orange blossoms and rose-flavoured desserts are served with a bountiful fruit display and refreshing sorbets.

Survivor Island

Guests enjoy themselves in a Survivor-style jungle setting, featuring camouflaged trailing nets and elevated bamboo platforms. A makeshift camp is set up with food buffet tents, wooden tables, beaches under ventilated marquis and coolers containing beverages and rain forest cocktails. In addition, guests are served a feast, featuring grilled dishes, a local selection of Malaysian favourites, classic salads and desserts.