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Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving Livelihoods in Penang

Shangri-La Rasa Sayang, Penang

Shangri-La Rasa Sayang, Penang has adopted Penang Shan Children’s Home Association as its EMBRACE beneficiary. The home is a welfare organization that accepts children from troubled families, which mainly only have a single-parent with financial or physical challenges.

The resort’s goals for the home's children are simply to empower them so they can integrate into society when they leave the home and also give them the skills that will help them break out from the cycle of poverty.

Getting the Basics Right   
To date, the resort has conducted a Fire Life Safety programme to create a fire escape route and educate the children on safety escape procedures. In addition, the resort has also held a food hygiene programme to give the house's parents and caregivers information on the proper food safety and handling procedures.

Over the years, the resort has made structural upgrades to the home, such as building cabinets and storage space. In line with the hotel’s energy saving measures, plans are also being made to replace the home's fluorescent lights with energy efficient bulbs.

Fun Learning
In partnership with Uplands International School, the children of the home are now attending swimming lessons at the school’s swimming pool. Swimming is a basic life skill that the children would otherwise miss out on. Other programmes that have been held include the 12-week Arts & Crafts Course, the Outward Bound School Camp and the Recycling Programme.

The resort's upcoming projects include an “Internet Safety”course to prevent the home's children from being victims of cyber-crimes and an 8-session series titled “Building Champions” that covers important life areas, such as learning how to use public transport, interpersonal interaction skills, grooming and personal hygiene, budgeting money and learning to save, which the children must fully understand before they graduate from the home.

Staff are encouraged to volunteer their time and impart their knowledge and skills to the children. Staff volunteers have also initiated and driven their own projects for the home with support and assistance from the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. During the fasting month of Ramadhan, the resort's colleagues initiated a “Buka Puasa” (breaking fast) at the home and helped the children with their arts and crafts.

Lend your support
You can support the home through donations or spending time with the children and imparting crucial life skills. For more details, please contact our Corporate Social Responsibility department at (604) 888 8888.

Apart from assisting Penang Shah Children’s Home Association, the resort is also actively involved in facilitating lifesaving surgical procedures for children born with congenital heart defects.

Under the ‘Embrace Gift of Life’ Programme, the resort had made the lives of babies and small children brighter by sponsoring corrective heart surgery for truly deserving individuals. Until December 2020, the resort had contributed RM1.2 million to 34 children over the past eight years since 2012. In collaboration with medical partners Gleneagles Penang Medical Centre, National Heart Institute and Penang Adventist Hospital, the resort had played a proactive role in granting children born with heart defects a fresh start in life and brighter future. 

Shangri-La's Care for People Project

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