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There is no end to the magic of Paris. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower to charming street-corner cafés, the city is full of wonder and just as inspiring. There is no other city quite like the City of Lights.


U.S. and Canadian citizens planning to travel to France for short visits of 90 days or less do not need visas to enter France. A valid passport is sufficient.

Exceptions exist for:

  • Journalists travelling to France on assignment
  • Crew members on short-term assignment (film crews, etc.)
  • Individuals holding diplomatic or official passports

The above need to submit a short-stay visa application to the embassy or consulate closest to you.

Citizen of EU / EEA countries (i.e. all 25 European Union member countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) do not need a visa to enter France.

Non-EU / EEA citizens need a visa to enter France, unless there exists a special agreement between France and your home country.

These include:

  • Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Vatican, Venezuela

Citizens of these countries can stay for up to three months without a visa.

French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs


The unit of currency is the Euro (EUR). Credit cards are accepted in major hotels and shops and restaurants.

Here are the most recent exchange rates for some common currencies.

EUR 1.00 equals:

Exchange Rates Currency
4.15 United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
0.86 British Pound (GBP)
8.87 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
124.27 Japanese Yen (JPY)
7.59 Chinese Yuan Renminbi (RMB)
1.13 US Dollar (USD)


A value-added tax (TVA) of 19.6% is added to all purchase amounts. The TVA is refundable for tourists only at participating shops. Tax is included in prices.


A service charge of 15% is included in restaurant bills in France. A 10% tip is appropriate for waiters.

Business Hours

Bank Hours
9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday
9am - 12noon, Saturday (selected banks only)

Office Hours 
9am - 6pm, Monday through Friday

Shopping Hours
10am - 8pm, Monday through Saturday
Stores are closed on Sundays, except large stores on the Champs-Elysées (open 11am - 7pm).

Public Health

Tap water in Paris is safe for consumption.

Drinking water is provided daily by Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, for the convenience of our guests.


Light clothing for the summer months and a sweater for the cooler months.

A smart suit is essential for business meetings. Shorts and t-shirts are frowned upon in government offices.

It is more respectable to wear modest dress in temples and places of worship.


Paris enjoys mild winters and relatively clement summers. The average temperatures in Paris generally range between 5°C during winter and 25°C in summer.

July is the hottest month of the year, and January is the coldest.


High: °C / °F
Low: °C / °F


High: °C / °F
Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 6ºC 1ºC
Feb 7ºC 1ºC
Mar 11ºC 3ºC
Apr 14ºC 6ºC
May 18ºC 9ºC
Jun 21ºC 12ºC
Jul 24ºC 14ºC
Aug 24ºC 14ºC
Sep 21ºC 11ºC
Oct 15ºC 8ºC
Nov 9ºC 4ºC
Dec 7ºC 2ºC

2.2 million

French; English is widely spoken

Time Zone
GMT + 1 hour

Metric System

220 volts

Plug Type

Mobile Phones