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Eiffel Tower

The monumental Eiffel Tower is one of France’s – and the world’s – celebrated icons. It is also the popular paid attraction amongst global monuments, with millions of sightseers visiting the structure each year.

Notre Dame de Paris

This beautiful and elaborate cathedral is known for its sharp spires and flying buttresses built in the Gothic style. Climb the 387 steps inside this splendid church for superb views of Paris itself.

Arc de Triomphe

The majestic Arc de Triomphe was initially conceived by Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 19th century to depict the glory of its conquering armies. Today, it is hailed as a masterpiece of romantic neoclassicism.

On the French National Day, July 14, a military parade commences at the Arc de Triomphe and proceeds through the Champs-Elyees.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 6ºC 1ºC
Feb 7ºC 1ºC
Mar 11ºC 3ºC
Apr 14ºC 6ºC
May 18ºC 9ºC
Jun 21ºC 12ºC
Jul 24ºC 14ºC
Aug 24ºC 14ºC
Sep 21ºC 11ºC
Oct 15ºC 8ºC
Nov 9ºC 4ºC
Dec 7ºC 2ºC