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Sensation Collagen Facial Treatment

A blend of pure collagen and other select ingredients ensures that the skin is deeply nourished, aiding strength and beauty and providing a feeling of well-being.

Duration Single
1 hr 40 mins RMB 1,480

Eternal Lotus Facial

Precious lotus extracts that combine the firming and revitalising powers of the mysterious lotus flower. The skin is left refreshed with a silky soft, timeless beauty.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins RMB 2,180

Moisturising Facial

Natural formulas act to awaken and revitalise the skin while working to combat dryness, wrinkles and signs of fatigue.

Duration Single
1 hr 15 mins RMB 780

CHI Refresher Facial

This time efficient face refresher addresses different skin types and conditions, and is good after a body treatment or for guests on the go.

Duration Single
45 mins RMB 558

 All prices are in RMB and are inclusive of 15% service charge.