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Nail Care

Traditional Manicure

This indulgent treatment for your hands includes a therapy to gently soften the skin, nail shaping and a relaxing hand and arm massage. Finish with the expert application of your choice of coloured nail polish.

Duration Single
40 minutes INR 2,000

Traditional Pedicure

Soothe tired feet and leave them looking their best with this treatment. The final step to soft, supple and sandal-ready feet is the expert application of nail polish in your choice of colour.

Duration Single
50 minutes INR 2,500

Sports Manicure

Designed for the well-groomed man, this treatment includes nail care, a hand and arm massage to smooth rough skin and a flat, matte or high-gloss buffing finish.

Duration Single
40 minutes INR 1,950

Polish Change

Remove existing polish and have the new regular coloured polish of your choice applied. This treatment does not include trimming or filing.

*Prices are subject to the applicable service charges and local taxes.