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Body Scrub and Polish

Salt and Oil Scrub

This unique signature treatment uses rich mineral salts and a citrus oil blend to gently rejuvenate skin and make it more radiant. In addition, this mild scrub stimulates the lymphatic system, removes dry skin cells and encourages the free flow of energy throughout the body.

Duration Single
30min INR 1,500

Sesame Honey Polish

This highly therapeutic and moisturising treatment uses sesame seeds, the oils of traditional Indian herbs and honey, which contains humectants and has skin-conditioning properties, to leave skin feeling silky smooth. 

Duration Single
30min INR 2,000

Papaya Polish

This outstanding treatment helps restore the skin's natural pH balance. The procedure uses the papain enzyme, which is found in papaya, to exfoliate skin and leave it soft and polished.

Duration Single
30min INR 2,000

Hot Chocolate Scrub

The special rich and creamy formula of natural cocoa and cocoa butter that is used in this treatment will lift your spirits, stimulate your soul and nourish your skin.

Duration Single
45min INR 3,000

Restorative Mud Ritual

This therapeutic treatment uses marine mud, which is rich in trace minerals, and is ideal for aches, pains and superficial skin problems. The treatment starts with a body brushing that uses special herbal powders and is followed by a full-body mud pack. The body brushing helps the lymphatic drainage system remove toxins from the body, and the mud pack restores skin's vitality. In addition, this therapy includes a full-body exfoliation procedure and deep-scalp treatment. 

Duration Single
1hr 15 min INR 4,000

Biodroga Detoxifying Body Envelopment

This treatment uses salt, marine mud and china clay to support the skin's metabolic and detoxifying processes and leaves an overall feeling of wellness.

Duration Single
1hr 25min INR 5,000

Biodroga Milk and Honey Wrap

This therapy begins with a gentle exfoliation treatment that uses aroma sea salt. Then, a milk honey wrap is applied to the body to make the skin velvety soft. The procedure's blend of active ingredients restores skin's balance, suppleness and elasticity and gives it a firmer appearance.

Duration Single
1hr 25 mins INR 5,000

*Prices are subject to the applicable service charges & local taxes.