Dining Offers

The All New DimSum Brunch at 19 Oriental Avenue

This offer is available from 16 Nov 2013 through 30 Apr 2014.

The Dim Sum Brunch menu has been painstakingly crafted by Chef David Leung, our Chinese culinary master. Guests can embark on a gastronomic journey and enjoy a diverse selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings. Choose from a large selection of piping hot dumplings as they fly out of the kitchen.

Vegetarians can enjoy flavours, such as Spinach, Mushroom and Corn, Cottage Cheese with Pok Choi, Spicy Radish Glass Noodle, Assorted Asian Vegetables with Sichuan Chilis, Water Chestnuts with Lotus Stems, Baby Corn with Asparagus Thai Chili Paste, Assorted Fresh Mushrooms with Spring Onions and Morinaga Tofu with Fresh Chives.

For non-vegetarians, Chef David Leung is offering flavours that include Snapper Suimai Tobico, River Sole with Bonito Flakes, Tiger Prawns with Kafir Lime Leaf, Chicken and Shitake with Chives, Traditional Har Gow, Traditional Suimai with Pork, Prawns and Tobico, Sichuan Chicken with Spring Onions, Pounded Chicken with Red Curry Paste, Minced Pork with Leeks, Pounded Lamb with Chinese Seven Spices, Minced Lamb with Black Pepper and Minced Tenderloin with Togarashi, Pork Loin, Bamboo Shoots and Coriander Roots.

A delectable selection of baos will also be offered as part of the Dim Sum Brunch at 19 Oriental Avenue. Enjoy flavours, such as Shimeji with Corn, Pan-fried Vegetables, Enoki with Spinach and Barbeque Pork.

Pair the exquisite dumplings with a selection of the finest soups, Chinese teas and other beverages and enjoy spending a relaxed Saturday afternoon with friends and family at 19 Oriental Avenue.

For reservations or more details, please call (91 11) 4119 1040.
Time: 12pm - 3.30pm


  • Dim Sum Brunch – INR 2,100 plus taxes; includes a glass of domestic wine (red or white), a pint of beer or a glass of juice
  • Dim Sum Cocktail Brunch – INR 2,600 plus taxes; includes unlimited select cocktails
  • Dim Sum Champagne Brunch – INR 3,000 plus taxes; includes unlimited champagne
  • Kids Brunch: INR 1,100 plus taxes; includes unlimited non-alcoholic beverages

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For reservations or further information, please call (91 11) 4119 1040.