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The safety and well-being of our guests and colleagues are of paramount importance to us. As part of its accelerated fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government of Delhi has mandated safety restrictions. As a result the restaurants and bar at Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi will not be open for dining until 30 April 2021.

Shangri-La To Go
Indulge in your favourite dishes from Sorrento, Tamra and Shang Palace in the comfort of your home with our new delivery service. Choose from Indian delicacies, wood-oven baked pizza, Sichuan chicken and select patisseries delivered right to your doorstep! Click here for more information.

Shangri-La Cares
The hotel remains committed to providing a safe environment for all through Shangri-La Cares, the Group’s global safety program. To learn more about our unrelenting efforts to ensure your well-being in our care and our most recent cancellation policies, please click here.

Savour a sensory culinary experience spanning the world from a rich array of Indian delicacies to classic Cantonese and European fare. To learn more about our dining offers, please click here.