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Set off across Delhi

The choice of local transport in New Delhi is immensely varied. It ranges from buses and taxis to horse-drawn tongas and auto-rickshaws. A taxi or hired car is usually comfortable and stress-free to travel throughout the city.

Please be sure to speak with our trained and willing staff should you have any questions about getting around New Delhi.


Local black and white taxis are available 24-hours per day. Many utilize electronic meters and alternately carry a fare chart.

Night charges are from 11pm to 5am at 25% extra. White interstate taxis are also available. The fares are normally charge on fixed kilometre rate basis.

'Call Cabs' are also available at fixed charges with air conditioned and non-air conditioned options.

Taxis can be booked in advance by phoning one of several taxi networks. Please enquire with the hotel staff for assistance.

Public Transit


City offer world class air conditioned Bus facility. Along with special HO-HO bus service which is a great way to visit city historical and other important monuments and buildings.


Travelling through India by train is a truly unforgettable experience.

Delhi has three major railway stations: Delhi Main, New Delhi and Nizamuddin. There are three kinds of trains: passenger, express and mail.

It is suggested that taking the express trains is great since they have fewer stops and offer better facilities and services. Be sure to book your ticket in advance of your trip.

Our hotel staff is happy to help you make sure you purchase the correct passage.

Car Hire

Cars can be hired with drivers. The drivers must hold a driving permit and be at least 18 years old. Seat belts must be worn by the driver and front seat passenger.

For more information on hiring a car, please talk with the hotel staff.

Auto Rickshaws

The three-wheeled, black-and-yellow or green-and-yellow auto-rickshaws offer a bumpy, noisy ride, but are a better option than buses and cheaper than taxis.

They are ideal for travelling short distances or navigating through crowded areas.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 21ºC 7ºC
Feb 24ºC 10ºC
Mar 30ºC 15ºC
Apr 36ºC 21ºC
May 39ºC 25ºC
Jun 39ºC 28ºC
Jul 35ºC 26ºC
Aug 33ºC 25ºC
Sep 33ºC 24ºC
Oct 32ºC 19ºC
Nov 28ºC 12ºC
Dec 23ºC 8ºC