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New Delhi lies at the geographical heart of northern India. Its strategic position along the north-south and east-west routes has given it a focal position in Indian history. This is evidenced in the fact that many great empires have been ruled from here.

Today, Delhi is a blend of old and new, a proudly traditional social structure within a modern liberalized economy.


All travellers need a visa to enter India.

There are three types of visas for tourists, available from Indian Consular Offices around the world:

  • 15-day single / double entry visa
  • 90-day visa
  • Multiple-entry visa valid for six months.

There are certain places in India that require special permits. These areas include Sikkim, the North-Eastern states, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshwadweep.

Business visas are valid for one or more years with multiple entries. A letter from a sponsoring organization indicating nature of business, duration of stay, and places / companies to be visited is often required in order to attain this visa.

For more information please contact the Indian consulate closest to you or visit the Embassy of India online.

Visa Requirements from the India Tourism Web site


The unit of currency is the rupee (R), and is divided into 100 paisa.

Money and travellers cheques can be exchanged at the banks exchange counters. Major credit cards are accepted in the hotel and departmental stores. Cash is required in the local markets. 

24-hour automated teller machines (ATMs) are widely available throughout the city, although they may be difficult to find once beyond the city limits.

Here are the most recent exchange rates for some common currencies.

INR 1.00 equals:

Exchange Rates Currency
0.018 Australian Dollar (AUD)
0.012 Euro (EUR)
0.01 British Pound (GBP)
1.00 Indian Rupee (INR)
1.73 Japanese Yen (JPY)
0.02 New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
0.018 Singapore Dollar (SGD)
0.013 US Dollar (USD)


There is a 15% luxury tax and 8.40% service tax on all hotel rooms in India.

Expect a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 12.5% to 20% on food and beverage purchases.

Expect a 10.2% service charge on all transportation fees and ticket purchases.


Tipping is not customarily practised in New Delhi.

Business Hours

Bank Hours
9am - 6pm

Office Hours
9am - 6pm

Shopping Hours
9am - 9pm

Public Health

A valid yellow fever certificate is mandatory for all persons (including infants) who have visited Africa, South America or Papua New Guinea within six days of entering India. The certificate becomes valid ten days after vaccination. India does not require immunization against small pox and cholera.

Drinking water from the tap is not recommended. Bottled drinking water is available in every hotel room.

During the winter months the city air can become quite smoggy. Asthmatic travellers are advised to carry their medication at all times.


Indian traditional dress is the saree. However, in northern India the traditional attire is called salwarkameez. Younger people generally dress in western clothing. People wear formal as well as traditional outfits at work.

During summer, it is advisable to wear light shoes and loose-fitting cotton clothes that cover your arms and legs to protect you from the sun and insects.

Winter requires gloves and wool clothes.


Delhi has a wide-ranging climate. Summer in northern India is very hot, and often humid, with temperatures as high as 48 C (118 F) seen regularly from May to June.

July and August are the monsoon months and usually quite humid. Expect temperatures ranging from 32 C to 38 C (90 F to 100 F) with moderate showers.

The months between September and November are the best months to visit Delhi, with cool, dry temperatures ranging between 24 C and 28 C (75 F to 82 F).

Expect cooler temperatures of 3 C – 18 C (37 F-65 F) between November and February, when gloves and wool clothes are useful.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 21ºC 7ºC
Feb 24ºC 10ºC
Mar 30ºC 15ºC
Apr 36ºC 21ºC
May 39ºC 25ºC
Jun 39ºC 28ºC
Jul 35ºC 26ºC
Aug 33ºC 25ºC
Sep 33ºC 24ºC
Oct 32ºC 19ºC
Nov 28ºC 12ºC
Dec 23ºC 8ºC

14 million

Hindi; English is widely spoken

Time Zone
GMT + 5.5 hours

Metric System

220 - 240 volts

Plug Type

Mobile Phones