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Unique attractions for every traveller

Jiangnan Imperial Examination Center 

In ancient China, imperial examinations were significant events that would determine a scholar’s position in the government and society. The emperor himself often took a keen interest in the results.

Jiangnan Imperial Examination Center was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. Today, the site exhibits cultural relics and historical data related to this custom, and supports research on the system of the imperial civil service examination in China.


Linggu Temple 

Linggu Temple is a Buddhist temple surrounded by park land that was originally built in 515, during the Liang Dynasty (502-557). It was moved from its position at the northeast foot of Mount Zhongshan to accommodate the emperor Zhu Yuanzhang’s decision to build his tomb there. The Wuliang Hall (or ‘beamless hall), with three impressive archways, was built in 1381 without the use of a single nail.