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Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall 

The Nanjing Massacre was carried out by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War, after they seized the city from Chinese troops in December 1937. The widespread atrocities left an estimated 300,000 victims, over a six-week period. This sombre memorial is built on a site where many Chinese civilians were executed. It was opened to the public in August 1985, and has been expanded since. Today, the site covers an area of about 74,000 square metres.


Nanjing Museum 

This comprehensive history and art museum houses over 400,000 exhibits, some 2,000 of which are considered national treasures. It covers an area of 70,000-plus square meters, including two ancient Liao-style palaces. The museum’s collections of Ming and Qing imperial porcelain are among the largest in the world.


Nanjing Science and Technology Museum 

Nanjing Science and Technology Museum in Ningnan New Area, Yuhuatai District, includes special cinemas and a beautiful park.

This modern museum integrates science and technology with the humanities, arts and tourism. It has become a popular destination for children in Nanjing.


Nanjing Silk Brocade Museum 

This is the first museum in China dedicated to the art of silk brocade weaving. “Yunjin” is a type of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabric, often made from coloured silks with gold and silver threads.

Its elegant and colourful design is reminiscent of clouds in the sky, hence the name "Yunjin" (cloud or ‘yun’ brocade.) The Yun Brocade of Nanjing has an important place in traditional Chinese culture, with a long history of about 1500 years.