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Discover the wonders of Nanchang

Badashanren Museum (in Qingyunpu District) 

Badashanren Museum lies on the bank of Mei Lake. During the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, the outstanding painting master Zhuda (his literary name is Badashanren) ever enclosed himself there. 

The August 1st Nanchang Uprising Museum 

The August 1st Nanchang Uprising Museum lies at the site of the August 1st Nanchang Uprising Headquarters (the former Jiangxi Great Hotel). In 1997, the August 1st Nanchang Uprising Museum was named as one of the hundred patriotic education demonstrating bases by the Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party. President Jiang Zemin made the following inscription at the site: “This Is the Sacred Place Where the People’s Liberation Army Was Born”. In 2007, in memory of the 80th anniversary of the Nanchang Uprising, this museum was rebuilt on a large scale.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 8.7 2.7
Feb 10.4 4.4
Mar 14.6 8.2
Apr 21.2 14.3
May 26.3 19.2
Jun 29.4 22.8
Jul 33.4 25.8
Aug 33.0 25.6
Sep 28.7 21.6
Oct 23.7 16.3
Nov 17.6 10.1
Dec 12.1 4.6