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Corporate Social Responsibility

Shangri-La Nanchang’s Embrace project – Building a cosy community for students at Nanchang Welfare School

Shangri-La Nanchang

In 2016, Shangri-La Nanchang, launched its Embrace project – a five-year collaboration with Nanchang Welfare School. The project aims to improve the school's infrastructure and the student's living standards. It is also focused on helping the children eventually explore and expand their career opportunities.

Earth Hour – Sustainable Development 

In April 2016, the hotel invited several students from Nanchang Welfare School to participate in Earth Hour and watch the environmental movie WALL·E. After being treated to delicate desserts, the students aspired to contribute towards environmental protection.

Summer Restoration Programme 

In June 2016, the hotel sponsored a summer restoration programme for Nanchang Welfare School. The programme renovated the walls of the welfare house, bringing some vivid energy to the area.

Latest News 

In August 2016, in celebration of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, the hotel gave a wide selection of flavourful mooncakes to Nanchang Welfare School to warm the student's hearts. In addition, the hotel upheld the local Nanchang custom of delivering pomelos to the children along with festive wishes.

Join Us 

For enquiries regarding our programme, please contact: 

Email: emily.ai@shangri-la.com
Tel: (86 791) 8222 2888

Shangri-La's Care for People Project

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