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Lobster Bar and Grill


Lobster Bar and Grill offers a tantalising selection of international delights and recipes that have been honed to perfection over decades. Fresh seafood, grilled meats and pastas are accompanied by fine wines selected by professional sommeliers to create amazing dining experiences that are truly unforgettable. 

The restaurant features a long bar of marble and mahogany timber and furniture upholstered in leather and stylish fabrics. Guests have the choice of being seated inside, outside or in a private dining room, and live musical performances that range from jazz to Latin pop can be enjoyed every night.

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Shang Palace


Characterized by refined elegance and stylish décor, Shang Palace is most praised for its authentic Ningbo and Cantonese dishes. It offers a periodically updated menu and an abundant Hong-Kong dim sum spread at lunch for a delightful dining experience.

With over 20 years of experience working at five-star hotels and the glory of winning gold medals at Shangri-La's Chinese Culinary Competition, Chinese Executive Chef Zhou Hui has created a series of highly praised dishes, including Braised Assorted Seafood with East China Sea Pomfret, Braised Wild Turtle with Homemade Sauce and Braised Crab with Rice Cake in Sauce.

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Yi Café


Yi Café features a fresh and interesting dining experience with a creative buffet concept and eye-catching decorations. The chefs at the restaurant provide fresh seafood and use live cooking stations to enhance their engaging performances. Guests can enjoy a diverse range of international cuisine from Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

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Lobby Lounge


As the perfect venue for business talks, socialising and afternoon indulgence, Lobby Lounge offers guests afternoon tea with a delectable selection of pastries, Chinese dim sum and a variety of English tea and coffee. Guests can enjoy the great ambience and stunning floor-to-ceiling glass windows with divine piano music.

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