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Café Z


An exciting culinary experience awaits at Café Z, with nine open food theatres where diners can watch the chefs at work.

Relish the wide array of flavours being served, including South American, Indian, Asian, local and international cuisines.

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Shang Palace


The ideal choice for business banquets, family celebrations and friendly gatherings, Shang Palace serves some of the city’s finest Cantonese and Sichuanese dishes. Shang Palace received the 2017-2018 Best Chinese Restaurant award, presented by Restaurant Review.

This widely renowned restaurant also has 13 private dining rooms that cater to groups from 4 to 40, with spectacular views of the Jinjiang River.

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Lobby Lounge


Lobby Lounge is a great place to meet for a quiet, relaxing drink. With a full range of snacks, teas, cocktails and other beverages this is a very sociable area.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow guests to enjoy unobstructed views of Chengdu.

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