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Golfing essentials

Each hole has a minimum of four tee decks: Langer tees, Championship tees, Tournament tees and Forward tees.

Course lengths
Langer tees 7,056 yds/6,452 m
Championship tees 6,500 yds/5,944 m
Tournament tees 5,733 yds/5,242 m
Ladies’ Championship tees 5,733 yds/5,242 m
Ladies’ tees 4,961 yds/4,536 m

Standard scratch scores
Langer tees 75
Championship tees 72
Tournament tees 69
Ladies’ championship tees 75
Ladies’ tees 71

Slope ratings
Langer tees 155
Championship tees 142
Tournament tees 124
Ladies’ championship tees 143
Ladies’ tees 129