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Charming attractions for every traveller

Port Louis Shopping
In Port Louis, visitors will find many small shops, including those selling typical Chinese herbs, products and clothing.

The Port Louis Bazaar is a treat, with exotic spices and vegetables, colourful saris, baskets, traditional handicrafts, local jewellery and souvenirs on sale at very low prices.

The Caudan Waterfront shopping mall features luxury shops, a craft market, food court, and several restaurants under one roof. The craft market offers a wide variety of locally made products.

At Happy World House, shoppers can find branded clothing, jewellery, perfumes, and mobile phone accessories.

Bagatelle Shopping
Bagatelle is one of Mauritius’ leading shopping malls, with 130 shops offering comprehensive retail and lifestyle options, which attract diverse shoppers from all over the island. Bagatelle offers the widest selection of speciality shops in Mauritius, as well as a variety of restaurants, cafés and other dining options.

Flacq Shopping 
Flacq is the main village In eastern Mauritius, where visitors will find many stalls and boutiques selling Indian clothing. The VIP Centre mall features several shops and a spacious food court.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 29C 22C
Feb 28C 22C
Mar 28C 21C
Apr 27C 21C
May 26C 19C
Jun 24C 18C
Jul 23C 17C
Aug 23C 18C
Sep 23C 18C
Oct 24C 19C
Nov 26C 20C
Dec 28C 21C