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Hulun Lake

Hulun Lake, also known as Dalai Lake ("Ocean Lake" in Mongolian) is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China. It covers an area of 2,339 sq km.

Various fish such as carp, red fins, pike, catfish and also rare white shrimp can be found in the Hulun Lake. The lake is also home to 241 bird species, including cranes, gulls, swans, wild geese, ducks and lovebirds.

Tourists can feast on various delicious and nourishing fish dishes at the lake restaurant. Watching local people catch fish under the ice during winter is another popular tourist attraction.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan -18ºC -30ºC
Feb -13ºC -26ºC
Mar -2ºC -16ºC
Apr 10ºC -4ºC
May 19ºC 4ºC
Jun 25ºC 12ºC
Jul 26ºC 15ºC
Aug 24ºC 13ºC
Sep 17ºC 5ºC
Oct 8ºC -4ºC
Nov -5ºC -16ºC
Dec -16ºC -26ºC