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Face and Body Treatments

Detox & Revive - Scrub & Wrap

Feel fresh and alive with this detoxifying treatment. This is the perfect pick-me-up when feeling sluggish or lethargic with skin in poor condition. This treatment combines sweet zesty pink grapefruit, fresh, green rosemary and rich, woody juniper berries for a strengthening, detoxifying effect. The result leaves one invigorated and full of energy.

Duration Single
1 hr PHP 4,500

Skin Solution Facial

Refine and freshen oily, damaged skin with this balancing facial using the essential oil of neroli and orange flower water. This facial massage employs traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage to ease tension and help tone muscles. A scalp massage with an inhalation of frankincense completes this relaxing facial. Especially popular with men, this treatment tones, refreshes and revitalizes, leaving the complexion bright and radiant.

Duration Single
1 hr PHP 4,000

Gentlemen’s Facial

Cleansing and exfoliation treatments are followed by steaming and extraction therapies, and a hot towel compress to refine the pores. A facial massage follows, using drainage techniques to improve circulation and help eliminate toxins, while special pressure point treatments ease tension and stress. A freshwater mud mask is then applied to draw out dirt and harmful impurities. This treatment also includes a scalp massage and hand and arm massage for complete care. This treatment refreshes and balances, leaving the complexion clean and fresh.

Duration Single
1 hr PHP 4,000

Intensely Nourishing Hair Treatment

Restore health and bring shine to dull, lifeless hair. A nourishing hair oil is massaged into the hair and scalp as part of an Ayurvedic head massage. Working on the muscles and pressure points of the head, tension is released and a deep state of relaxation follows.

Duration Single
30 mins PHP 1,500

Unwind And Restart: The Ultimate De-stress journey

Calm a stressed and confused head with a refreshing yet soothing experience for body, mind and soul. A camomile and olive grain scrub refreshes the legs and feet before you are treated to a spiritually uplifting inhalation of frankincense and a traditional aromatherapy massage to target symptoms of stress. A blend of camomile, petitgrain and rosemary helps to calm and cleanse your thoughts, while an Ayurvedic scalp and facial massage works on your complete wellbeing to relieve anxiety and emotional exhaustion. Perfect for times of stress and over activity, this treatment helps the mind unwind and refocus, getting you back on track.

Duration Single
1 hr 50 mins PHP 5,500

Prices are subject to 10% service charge and applicable government taxes, and may change without prior notice.