Explore Maldives

Opaline waters, a jewel of the ocean

Strung like gemstones across the Indian Ocean, the 1,190 coral islands of the Maldives are contenders for the "New 7 Wonders of Nature". This fragile ecosystem of 26 atolls sits just north of the Equator, and is unarguably one of the world’s most striking marine-scapes.

Get in touch with out friendly hotel concierge if you would like to arrange for a scuba-diving excursion or a daytrip to one of the nearby palm-fringed beaches.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 29ºC 25ºC
Feb 29ºC 26ºC
Mar 30ºC 27ºC
Apr 31ºC 27ºC
May 30ºC 26ºC
Jun 29ºC 25ºC
Jul 29ºC 25ºC
Aug 29ºC 25ºC
Sep 29ºC 25ºC
Oct 29ºC 25ºC
Nov 29ºC 24ºC
Dec 29ºC 25ºC