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Charming attractions for every traveller

The View from The Shard
The viewing gallery, located in The Shard from levels 68-72, boasts a dramatic panorama of London.

HMS Belfast
The Imperial War Museum’s 75 year-old warship that saw service during the Second World War. Experience what it was like to live and serve on the ship. She is docked on the Thames at London Bridge.

Tower Bridge
Enjoy a different view of London from the walkways between the towers of London’s famous bridge.

The Golden Hinde
A full-size replica of Sir Francis Drake’s famous Tudor galleon. Explore the ship and understand how Sir Francis circumnavigated the globe from 1577-1580.

The London Bridge Experience
A fun and interactive tour through the arches of London Bridge, discovering the historic local area.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 8.3ºC 2.6ºC
Feb 8.5ºC 2.4ºC
Mar 11.4ºC 4.1ºC
Apr 14.2ºC 5.4ºC
May 17.7ºC 8.4ºC
Jun 20.7ºC 11.5ºC
Jul 23.2ºC 13.9ºC
Aug 22.9ºC 13.7ºC
Sep 20.1ºC 11.2ºC
Oct 15.6ºC 8.3ºC
Nov 11.4ºC 5.1ºC
Dec 8.6ºC 2.8ºC