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Spa Relaxation


This therapy involves gentle and relaxing body work and is designed to restore the natural harmony between body, mind and soul.

Duration Single
60 minutes MYR 240.00

Swedish Fusion

This treatment uses Zents Unscented Body Oil and Probiotic Lotion to rejuvenate and pamper. Ideal for dry, sensitive or mature skin, or for any skin type that requires extra hydration.

Duration Single
60 minutes MYR 250.00

Deep Impact

Utilizing firm and moderate pressure along the meridian line pathways, this treatment goes deep to release blockages for a more balanced flow of energy throughout the body. *This is non-oil massage.

Duration Single
60 minutes MYR 260


This treatment is based on an ancient holistic ritual to restore the harmony between mind and body. This age-old technique employs rich therapeutic oils and a doshic body-type specific massage. For centuries, the Abhyanga Massage has been known to calm and soothe even as it helps promote wellbeing and happiness!

Duration Single
90 minutes MYR 440


This truly personalized treatment can be customized according to your preferences. Specify the body parts that you want our therapists to focus on, as well as the strength and time that should be used on each.

Duration Single
30 minutes MYR 180.00
60 minutes MYR 270.00

Foot Reflexology

Traditional Eastern foot massage focusing on specific points on the foot to release energy or the ‘chi’ flow.

Duration Single
30 minutes MYR 130.00
60 minutes MYR 230.00