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Spa Relaxation


This truly personalized treatment is designed to allow customization according to your preferences. Specify the body parts you wish most to be massaged upon, as well as the care and duration to be spent on each part.

You may also select from a series of oils based on the Zodiac or simply use no oil at all. Our spa consultant will assist you in composing your treatment.

Duration Single
30 mins MYR 160
60 mins MYR 280

Harmony by 2

With two therapists working on you in synchronized movements, this totally indulging treatment is bound to lead you to another level of revitalization.

Duration Single
30 mins MYR 250
60 mins MYR 440


Using a blend of essential and vegetable oils, this session combines gentle and relaxing touches designed to induce and restore the natural harmony between body, mind and soul.

Duration Single
30 mins MYR 105
60 mins MYR 210
90 mins MYR 315

Swedish Fusion

This treatment uses rich Kukui Nut cream emulsion and grape seed extracts to rejuvenate and pamper. Renew and revitalize with this non-oily massage for a stimulating sensory experience.


Duration Single
30 min MYR 105
60 min MYR 210
09 mins MYR 315

Deep Impact

Utilizing firm and moderate pressures along the meridian line pathways, this treatment goes deep to release blocked energy for a more balanced flow to be experienced throughout the body.

Duration Single
30 mins MYR 150
60 mins MYR 250

Stone Revitalize

Enter a heavenly realm of soothing touches with heated volcanic stones strategically placed to relieve tired muscles and relax body, mind and soul.

Duration Single
45 mins MYR 180
75 mins MYR 340


This treatment is based on an ancient holistic ritual to restore the harmony between mind and body. The age-old technique employs rich therapeutic oils and a doshic-body type specific massage.

For centuries, the Abhyanga Massage has been known to calm and soothe even as it helps promote wellbeing and happiness.

Duration Single
90 mins MYR 440

Foot Reflexology

Traditional Eastern foot massage focusing on specific points on the foot to release energy and aid the ch’i flow throughout the body.

Duration Single
45 mins MYR 112
60 mins MYR 150