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Unique Destination Events

Throw a party with a purpose

Our professionally organized, pre-arranged theme parties are the easy way to create a memorable experience for your event. To complement each theme, you may choose menus that are specially tailored to your guests' needs and preferences.

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Borneo Rainforest

Borneo’s warm welcome comes alive in this jungle-inspired theme complete with the appealing scent of nature. Draped in lush foliage and a leafy carpet of cool and earthy under tones, this elaborate theme allows guests to experience the beauty of one of the world’s oldest rainforests in a cool and comfortable environment. Menus are customisable to tickle taste buds and encourage conversation with an array of local and Malaysian favourites and organisers can set the mood for fun and excitement with a captivating cultural performance by the natives of Borneo.

Borneo Survivor

Take a survivor journey into mysterious Borneo. Armed with a compass, you’ll have to survive the elements and to find your way back into civilization. Encounter Murut warriors and drink Tapai, the local brew as part of their welcome ritual. A High Priestess chants and offers goodwill prayers as she leads you to a bonfire site for a feast - absolutely essential to gather strength for the upcoming meeting. But be prepared - you might need to gather your lunch from the floating rafts!

Deep Blue

Dive into the waters of Borneo and discover the marine treasures beneath the South China Sea. Meet in the cool ambience of an aquarium-style boardroom. Sip champagne and enjoy fresh oysters served by mesmerizing mermaids. Put on your wet suit and join this visual and musical masquerade that evokes the wonder and drama of the deep blue sea. Take a dip - it is simply irresistible.