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Shangri-La Tainan Celebrates Hayashi Department Store’s 84th Anniversary with “Around-the-World in the Department Store” Artisan Fondant Cake

Shangri-La Tainan Celebrates Hayashi Department Store’s 84th Anniversary with “Around-the-World in the Department Store” Artisan Fondant Cake

Tainan, Taiwan, December 4, 2015 – Many corporations opt to hold receptions or parties to celebrate their anniversary.  However, Hayashi Department Store did not simply do that.  As it enters its 84th anniversary, Hayashi Department Store seeks to highlight Tainan’s goal to build a city with culture.  It put in much thought into creating its anniversary theme of “Around-the-World in the Department Store”.
This theme not only combines a series of culture, art and book launch activities, but also lets everyone see the store’s beauty and its place in history.  Moreover, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan was commissioned to prepare a custom-made artisan fondant cake to create an “Around-the-World in the Department Store” ambiance.  To do so, the hotel selected iconic historic buildings from major cities around the world for the cake and adorned them with Christmas decorations, so that when the public shops at Hayashi Department Store, they can also immerse in the festive atmosphere.  Hayashi Department Store will showcase this cake now for a month and the hotel cordially invites everyone to visit and view it.
Prior to and after its restoration, Hayashi Department Store continues to be managed as a department store.  It represents the modern fashion of 1932, telling a tale of the glorious past.  Moreover, through its unique historic role, it highlights Tainan’s value as a city of culture.  In celebration the 84th anniversary of Taiwan’s only creative culture department store, Hayashi Department Store, Pastry Chef Susan of Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan, Tainan’s tallest landmark, used the world’s famous buildings for her design inspirations for the cake.  She used colored fondant, white chocolate and icing to construct a 70-centimeter-diameter and 1-meter-tall customized, hand-made artisan cake as a birthday blessing gift to Hayashi Department Store, Tainan’s art and culture landmark.
“When I was little, I always thought that the department stores were playgrounds filled with surprises with everything and anything.  Now that I have grown up, I feel that department stores are the miniature versions of the world.  Once you step into the department store, not only can you see the newest and trendiest items in the city, but also discover various brands and stores from around the world, as well as the global trends.  You don’t need to go abroad; you can already travel around the world,” Chef Susan said.  These memories are also the source of her inspiration for creating this cake. 
With “Around-the-World in the Department Store” as the design theme, hand-made fondant is shaped into a miniature version of Hayashi Department Store, which is surrounded by iconic and unique buildings from around the world.  This includes medieval wooden houses, majestic Roman structures, small, colorful Venetian houses, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan and many more.  The cake base, in celebration of Christmas, is designed with a festive Christmas backdrop.  Some of the minute details are beyond impressive and warm holiday cheer abounds in this happy ambiance.

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