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Jade on 36 Restaurant Presents Sunset Early Dinner

Jade on 36 Restaurant Presents Sunset Early Dinner

Chef launch a refreshing sunset early dinner menu right for the summer in Shanghai. The menu emphasises the restaurant’s focus on using only the best products. It aims to introduce a casual fine dining experience and to break through the arduous perception that fine dining is a long drawn process of formalities. Chef introduce this menu to bring fine dining back to basics, focusing on the process of creating fine food and the diners’ enjoyment.

Releasing a new menu in conjunction with summer was always part of Chef’s plans, but he also thought it will be a great idea if diners would also have the opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset and amazing view from Jade on 36 restaurant, thus came the early dinner menu, where one could enjoy the best of Jade on 36 Restaurant and also the scintillating view with their dining partner.

Part of what makes this sunset early dinner menu from Jade on 36 Restaurant special, is chef's continued use of his trademark hospitality. The fantastic complementary course will also be a part of the early dining experience. A customary toast to success, amuse-bouche before entrée, pre-dessert before dessert and petit fours after dessert, these amazing treats will be a continued feature of the early dinner menu.

The Sunset Early Dinner Menu at Jade on 36 Restaurant features a daily menu introduced by chef, from RMB428 per person. Guests can choose from an entrée/main or main/dessert menu that is different daily and enjoy Jade on 36 restaurant’s complementary course in conjunction with the diner’s selection.

Dinner at Jade on 36 Restaurant is served between 6 p.m. and 10.30 p.m. daily. The prices quoted are subject to 15 per cent service charge. For more information or to make a reservation, please call the Restaurant Reservation Centre at (86 21) 6882 8888 extension 6888 or e-mail fbreservation.slpu@shangri




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