Explore Johor

A city of great heritage & culture

Tanjung Piai

Tanjung Piai is a cape in Johor at the southernmost point of Mainland Asia. It features seafood restaurants perched on wooden jetties, surrounded by a rugged coastline of unspoiled mangrove forests. It is approximately 2 hours away by car.

Desaru Fruit Farm

Tropical fruits are abundant all year round at Desaru Fruit Farm. A comprehensive one-stop centre for nature lovers, the farm is famous for its guided tour of its 50-acre farm, fruit and souvenir arcade, fruit tasting, commercial beehives and honey harvesting. It is approximately 2 hours away by car.

Endau Rompin Johor National Park

A 50,000-hectare national park, Endau Rompin Johor National Park is home to thousands of bird, mammals, insects and plants. This centuries-old rainforest is also home to the largest surviving population of Sumatran Rhinos and primates. To ensure safety and security, entry to the park must be recorded and guided by appointed trekkers. It is approximately 2.5 hours away by car.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 31ºC 23ºC
Feb 32ºC 23ºC
Mar 32ºC 24ºC
Apr 31ºC 24ºC
May 31ºC 24ºC
Jun 31ºC 24ºC
Jul 30ºC 23ºC
Aug 30ºC 23ºC
Sep 30ºC 23ºC
Oct 31ºC 23ºC
Nov 30ºC 23ºC
Dec 30ºC 23ºC