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CHI Reflexology

This Chinese foot massage will improve vitality by stimulating blood circulation and relieving stress.

Duration Single
60 minutes IDR 440,000
90 minutes IDR 577,000

CHI Hot Stone

Heated stones are used for their thermotherapy benefits, with gliding massage strokes for a warm, relaxing treatment.

Duration Single
90 minutes IDR 945,000
120 minutes IDR 1,050,000

CHI Rescue Release

Customize your treatment to focus on relieving muscle tension where you need it.

Duration Single
45 minutes IDR 495,000

Traditional Massage

Based on ancient Balinese techniques and the healing properties of essential oils, this massage uses thumb and palm pressure to relieve muscle tension and stimulate circulation to improve well-being.

Duration Single
60 minutes IDR 735,000
90 minutes IDR 892,500

Swedish Massage

For total relaxation, this European-inspired full-body massage uses a combination of long, firm strokes, kneading and circular strokes to improve circulation.

Duration Single
60 minutes IDR 630,000
90 minutes IDR 840,000

Traditional Crown Aloe Vera
Duration Single
IDR 385,000

Sport Massage

Using elbow pressure, this recommended treatment for workout massage creates total release of muscle tensions for sports lovers.

Duration Single
75 minutes IDR 787,500
90 minutes IDR 945,000