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Chef Franco’s Lasagne

Chef Franco’s Lasagne

This offer is available from 5 Sep 2017 through 30 Sep 2017.

Rosso’s Italian Chef, Gianfranco Pirrone, has prepared 4 special lasagne dishes that are sure to win your favour.

Don’t miss his very best of Italian home cooking series!


Lasagne Nere Ai Frutti Di Mare

House made black lasagne with mix seafood and seafood sauce

Rp 290,000


Lasagne ‘Rosso’

House made red lasagne with creamy basil pesto sauce, parmesan cheese and green vegetables

Rp 250,000


Lasagne Classiche

Oven-baked traditional lasagne pasta in rich tomato beef ragout sauce

Rp 190,000


Lasagne Bufala, Porcini E Prosciutto Di Parma

House made lasagne with buffalo mozzarella cheese, porcini mushroom and Parma ham

Rp 390,000


Available for lunch and dinner.

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