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Facial Treatments

CHI, The Spa offers holistic facial treatments focusing on inner light and nourishing the skin.

Ananda Facial

Ananda means ‘divine bliss’ in Sanskrit. This healing and reviving therapy gently works on the marma points of the face and neck to remove tension and toxins and stimulate energy flow.

Duration Single
1 hr TRY 350

Marine Flora Therapy

A deeply-cleansing and purifying face therapy that focuses on lymphatic drainage to improve the circulation, vitality and tone of the skin.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins TRY 410

Anti-aging Rainforest Rejuvenation Facial

This deeply restorative face therapy uses a warm herbal compress, lymphatic drainage, Amazonian mud mask and healing rainforest plant extracts to rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells at a deep level.

Duration Single
1 hr 15 mins TRY 390

Gentlemen's Purifying Facial

A healing and purifying facial created for men to restore vitality and radiance.

Duration Single
1 hr TRY 350

CHI, The Spa treatment prices mentioned on the web site are promotional and valid until 31 December 2014. Please contact CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul for more information.