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Explore the city at your ease

Inner Mongolia is a fascinating place with diverse scenery and intriguing cultures to explore.


Taxis can be hailed on the street or at designated stands.

Public Transit


Tickets are sold in the ticket hall or you can book in advance online.


Buses are available to major scenic spots and surrounding towns and cities.

Car Hire

Cars can be hired with or without drivers and drivers must hold a valid driving license. Seat belts are compulsory for drivers as well as passengers.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan -5ºC -16ºC
Feb 0ºC -12ºC
Mar 7ºC -5ºC
Apr 16ºC 2ºC
May 23ºC 9ºC
Jun 27ºC 14ºC
Jul 28ºC 17ºC
Aug 26ºC 15ºC
Sep 21ºC 9ºC
Oct 14ºC 2ºC
Nov 4ºC -7ºC
Dec -3ºC -14ºC