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From an intimate conversation to a large banquet, the restaurants at Shangri-La Hotel, Hangzhou, present an array of dining options.

Sample the unique and open international buffet at Coffee Garden the all-day dining restaurant. Sample the unique and open international buffet at Coffee Garden, the all-day dining restaurant. Delight yourself with the flavours of Italy in Peppino, Hangzhou's finest Italian restaurant, where diners can relish superb dishes such as homemade fresh pastas and stone oven pizzas. Shang Palace, Shangri-La's signature Cantonese restaurant, is led by Master Chef Xiao Liang Cai, features tantalizing Hangzhou specialities.

Head to Lobby Lounge for some relaxing teas, light snacks and cocktails. Meanwhile, Garden Bar offers live entertainment and is recognized as one of the hotel's most popular destinations.

Featured Chef
Chef George Ding

Chef George Ding

Take pleasure in Italian cuisine and Peppino’s famous dishes like angel hair pasta with basil pesto and pan-fried prawns.

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