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Charming attractions for every traveller

West Lake
The West Lake lies on the beautiful and fertile shores of the East China Sea, offering views that have enchanted travellers for centuries. It is divided into five sections by three causeways. There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, and artificial islands within the famous freshwater lake.

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon
These three stone pagodas were first built during the Song Dynasty, formed the West Lake’s attractive scene, known as “one moon in the sky, three reflections on the lake”.

Su Causeway
This 2.8 kilometre-long causeway runs south to north across the Lake, lined with trees and flowering plants. An early morning stroll among the peach blossoms and green willow trees during spring is a worthwhile experience.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 8ºC 1ºC
Feb 10ºC 3ºC
Mar 14ºC 6ºC
Apr 21ºC 12ºC
May 26ºC 17ºC
Jun 29ºC 21ºC
Jul 33ºC 25ºC
Aug 32ºC 25ºC
Sep 28ºC 20ºC
Oct 23ºC 15ºC
Nov 17ºC 9ºC
Dec 11ºC 4ºC