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Seasonal Assorted Appetisers

Seasonal Assorted Appetisers


  • 10g Chrysanthemum greens
  • 100g Sea bream fillets
  • 50g Australian beef
  • 40g Sweet fish
  • 20g Sliced bread
  • 20g Fresh shrimps
  • 3pcs Chestnuts
  • 6pcs Gingko nuts
  • 10g Spring onion
  • 20g Kunbu
  • 30ml Soy sauce
  • 30ml Sake
  • 30ml Sweet sake



Boiled Chrysanthemum Greens
Boil chrysanthemum greens until softened.  Drain water out, soak the vegetable in bonito stock and season with miso and light soy sauce.

Grilled Red Horsehead Fillet
Rub the fillets with salt, then marinate with sake, dark soy sauce, miso, sugar and yuzu before grilling.

Beef Rolls with Spring Onion
Grill thinly sliced beef with barbecue sauce. Roll up chopped spring onion, deep-fried chopped garlic and sesame seeds with grilled beef slices, pan-fry until well done.

Boiled Sweet Fish with Roe
In a pot, add in grilled sweet fish with roe, dried bonito shavings, water and sake. Boil until the fish bone softens.  Season with sugar and light soy sauce.

Golden Shrimp Rolls
Finely chop the shrimp, white meat fish and fried onions. Mix well, spread onto sliced bread. Roll up and deep-fry.

Roasted Akafushimi Red Pepper
Brush oil onto the red pepper, lightly grill, and marinate with dark soy sauce and miso.

Roasted Chestnut
Boil peeled chestnuts with water and sugar over medium heat. Lightly grill.

Deep-Fried Gingko Nuts
Deep-fry the gingko nuts over low heat. Drain out the oil and season with salt.

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