Korye Jung

Gourmet Korean fare

Korye Jung offers a variety of authentic Korean gourmet dishes such as sour and spicy Korean kimchi; savoury fried rice with kimchi; and sweet and smooth pumpkin cream pure.

Home-made Kimchee

Marinated cabbage mixed with Korean seasoning is a refreshing taste on the palate.

Stir-fried Sliced Sea Whelk with Kimchee

Delicious stir-fried sliced sea whelk cooked with Korean kimchee.

Roasted Ginseng Marinated Beef Steak

A nutritious, healthy dish that is also considered a delicacy.

Pumpkin Cake

Korean pumpkin cake is the representation of the coarse grain’s exquisite diet method.


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Level 1

Operating Hours

11.30am - 2:30pm

5.30pm - 10pm

Dress Code


Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in Korye Jung.