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Arts & Culture

Charming attractions for every traveller

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

The famous lane cluster in Fuzhou, it represents the rich culture of this time-honoured capital city with its architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty after renovation.

Mawei Shipbuilding Culture Tourist Attraction

As one of the four cultural brands in Fuzhou, shipbuilding culture is very popular by tourists owing to its unique cultural and beautiful view.

Lin Zexu Memorial

Located in Aomen Road Gulou District and sized at 8500 square metres, Lin Zexu Memorial preserves the characteristics of Fuzhou traditional architecture and classical garden.

Xichan Temple

One of the five Buddha temples in the city, it is dated back to Tang Dynasty in 876 A.D. Featuring the tallest stone pagoda in China as well as the largest jade Buddha sculpture and many more.