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Map & Directions

Find your way to the lap of luxury

The Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian, is a 20-minute drive from Dalian International Airport.

Transferts aéroports

There are several options to reach Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian. Guests can choose from hotel limousine pick-up, taxi and city shuttle buses.

For taxis and shuttle buses, please proceed to the ground floor of the domestic and international arrival halls.

Hotel Limousine

You can book a limousine pick-up by providing your flight details and estimated time of arrival when booking online.

Alternatively, you can contact the hotel directly at (86 411) 8252 5000.

Please make your booking at least one day in advance.

Tarif limousine de l'hôtel

Normal Transportation Prices of 2017

Type de voiture Charges
Mercedes-Benz E300L RMB 450
Mercedes-Benz S300 RMB 450
Coaster (26-Seater) RMB 500
Buick GL8 (6-Seater) RMB 450

Transportation Prices for DAVOS 2017 (Airport Transfer)

Type de voiture Charges
Benz(S300 E300)/(Audi A6L) Single Trip RMB 900
Benz(S300 E300)/(Audi A6L) Round Trip RMB 1800
Buick GL8(6 seats) Single Trip RMB 900
Buick GL8(6 seats) Round Trip RMB 1800
Coaster(19 seats) Single Trip RMB 1000
Coaster(19 seats) Round Trip RMB 2000

Transporation Price for DAVOS 2017(Car Rental in Dalian)

Type de voiture Charges
Benz(S300E V6)/Audi(A6L) /Hour RMB 600
Buick GL8(6 seats) /Hour RMB 600
Coaster(19 seats) /Hour RMB 700

Transporation Price for DAVOS 2017(Hotel to Convention centre)

Type de voiture Charges
Benz(S300E V6)/Audi(A6L) /Single RMB 200
Coaster(19 seats) Car Rental/Single RMB 300
Buick GL8(6 seats) /Single RMB 200


Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available in the limousine.

Car rental must be booked for at least 2 hours. Even if the rental is used less than 2 hours, we will charge for 2 hours.

The price of the car rental increases by 50% if it will be taken outside the city.

All transportation cancellations are subject to payment.


Taxis are easily available at Dalian International Airport. The journey to and from the hotel is approximately 20 minutes, and costs around RMB 30.


(86 411) 8252 5000


(86 411) 8252 5050



66 Renmin Road, Dalian, 116001, China