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Using award-winning skincare brands, our facials show immediate results.

Please note that no extractions are performed in any of our facials.


Biologique Deep Cleansing Facial

This treatment uses the ultimate rebalancing and deep cleansing masque, to restore a clear and healthy complexion that will purify, tighten and accelerate the healing of skin imperfections. Recommended for those with seborrheic skin and/or dilated pores.

Duration Single
60 minutes AED 650

Biologique Gentleman's Facial

This relaxing facial will restore balance to sensitive skin, soothes tightness, regulates blood flow and reduces redness, leaving skin feeling refreshed and healthy.

Duration Single
60 minutes AED 600

Biologique Brightening Facial

This facial treatment is a plumping, restructuring and renewing treatment for skin, resulting in a brightening lift. The skin is gently exfoliated, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Recommended for all skin types.

Duration Single
75 minutes AED 820

Biologique Anti-Aging Facial

This facial exfoliates, lifts, firms and accelerates the regeneration of your skin. Recommended for those in need of a high-intensity facial.

Duration Single
75 minutes AED 820

Biologique Rejuvenating Collagen-Caviar Facial

A luxurious facial treatment with a moisturising collagen-caviar mask will repair and calm the skin, while reducing wrinkles. The mask contains pure collagen and caviar extract for thorough skin cell regeneration.  Rich in vitamin A, D, E and B1, this facial is excellent for dehydrated and damaged skin.

Duration Single
90 minutes AED 900

Express Refresher Facial

A perfect pick-me-up facial; ideal for those on the go. The skin is cleansed and lightly exfoliated with gentle massage techniques to reveal a visibly brighter and radiant complexion. Recommended for all skin types.

Duration Single
30 minutes AED 350

* Prices are quoted in UAE dirhams.
* All prices are inclusive of 7% Municipality fee and 5% VAT.
* Prices subject to change without notice.