Redemption Group

How can I register and maintain my nominees list?

You can register up to five family members as nominees in your Redemption Group under "My Profile" at the Golden Circle website www.goldencircle.shangri-la.com or by calling Golden Circle Member Services. You can update nominees in your Redemption Group at any time.

Who can be nominated in my Redemption Group?

Only your family members, including your spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law and siblings aged 18 or older, are eligible to be a "nominee."

How do I redeem Redemption Awards for my nominees?

You can login to your account at the Golden Circle website www.goldencircle.shangri-la.com and redeem Redemption Awards for nominees or contact Golden Circle Member Services. You should ensure they are registered in the Redemption Group before a redemption reservation request is made.

Can my nominees also enjoy my Golden Circle membership tier benefits?

No. Golden Circle membership tier benefits will not be extended to your nominees or accompanying guests.

Can I earn GC Award Points during my nominees' redemption award stay?

No, you cannot earn GC Award Points on Qualifying Incidental Charges by the nominees on the redemption award stay even if you pay for any of the charges incurred by them.

Can my nominees make Awards redemption for themselves?

No, all Awards redemptions must be made by the member only.