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Basic Yoga

Designed for beginners of all levels as a wonderful, simple class with the purpose of teaching basic yoga philosophy, leaving you with a pleasurable first impression and a desire to continue your yoga journey. It starts with easy stretching and an overall body warm-up, followed by gentle yoga poses and introductory meditation techniques.

Duration Single
1 hr THB 580

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga describes whether you practice more sustained, focused action in poses as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, where asana is described as being still and firm. The aim of Ashtanga Yoga is to embody the traditional eight limbs of yoga (also referred to as Raja Yoga). Each and every step has to be mastered before proceeding to the next, or even attempting it. The eight steps are Yama (Control), Niyama (Rules of Conduct), Asanas (Poses), Pranayama (Breath Control), Pratyahara (Withdrawal of Sensory Perceptions), Dharana (Concentration), Dhyana (Uninterrupted Mediation) and Samadhi (Complete Equilibrium).

Duration Single
1 hr THB 750

Power Yoga

One of the impressively stimulating yoga styles that, primarily, is the result of the American interpretation of Ashtanga Yoga. This is a series of more challenging ab workout, focused routines with poses specially designed to target the abs, to strengthen your body's central support system and aid in the strengthening of your lower back to support your abdominal region for entries of the body's central support system and is combined with a cool down routine.

Duration Single
1hr THB 750

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