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Sense of Place

Treatments reflect a true sense of Thailand, using local ingredients combined with spa treatment that can be well-being.

Wild Flower Body Glow

This aromatic blend of Traditional Chiang Mai herbs will stimulate all of your senses as it smoothes away dry, roughened skin. Improving the circulation as well as providing a gentle exfoliation, your skin will be soft and glowing. A lotion massage concludes the treatment, leaving your skin as soft as velvet.

Duration Single
45 mins THB 1,300

Lanna Blend Massage

Our King of Massages exclusively designed for Chiang Mai, this unique treatment combines the best of all forms of massage, blending techniques from Thai and Asian traditions to create the ultimate soothing and pampering experience. Most highly recommended!

Duration Single
1 hr THB 2,209
1 hr 30 mins THB 2,761
2 hrs THB 4,248

Lanna Tok Sen Massage (Tok Sen)

An authentic Lanna being aromatherapy and Thai Lanna Massage, with a unique healing modality is found only in the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand (Lanna). Tok Sen is the art of Lanna Massage therapeutic emphasis on meridian basis on Thai Wisdom. Suitable for muscular pain and skeleton structure persons. The Technique of Tok Sen to clear blocked energy by using a special wooden instrument to tap away the negative energy and ease muscle tension. It uses mechanical and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia and muscles. Believes of the Lanna Exotic Massage is an alternative way of relaxation for spa lovers.

Duration Single
1 hr THB 2,200

Royal Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Herbal compress massage (luk pra kob) is modalities treated form the fundamental pillars of traditional Thai medicine and wisdom of native healer. This soothing healing compress is made up of finely typical blends ground organic herbs, each with their own properties include lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, turmeric, tamarind among other herbs and spices. These herbs are wrapped in all natural unbleached linen pouches and heated with steam. Herbs and heat are the primary methods of delivery. Heat penetrates the body and muscle, while the herbs are absorbed through the skin. Applied herbal compress to the body with a specialised and distinctive movements in a rhythmic “press and release” sequence along the body stimulating blood circulation, pressure points will helps relieve aches, pains and sore muscles. Continue soothing your entries body by using element oil massage and finished off with lymphatic drainage to rejuvenate your senses while nourishing the skin that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, balanced and detoxified.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins THB 2,500

 All prices are in Thai Baht and are subject to 10% service charge and applicable government tax.